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Pocket Mask Storage Case GEN 2 Black

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<p>The Airpop Storage Case was designed to be used with the Airpop Pocket Mask as well as with the Kids Mask. It is the sleek and slim portable solution for when you don't need the mask or when you are on the go. The vent on the top of the case allows moisture to evaporate naturally between wears, keeping the mask dry and fresh for when you need it. Simply fold a compatible mask along its dotted lines and place it inside the case for more hygienic portability.</p>  <ul>   <li>Sleek and slim pocket-sized storage case</li>   <li>Compatible with the Airpop Pocket and Airpop Kids masks (sold separately)</li>   <li>Designed for more hygienic portability</li>   <li>Features a vent preventing excess moisture</li>  </ul>  <p><strong>Airpop</strong> is the world's first Air-Wearables company. They deliver superior performance by combining cutting-edge materials and innovative design to solve three critical issues: fit, filtration, and breathability.</p>