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Xqisit Social Media Kit

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Smartphone Video Microphone Kit with LED Light, Phone Holder, Tripod Vertical & Horizontal Vlog YouTube Filmmaker Video Kit. Perfect way create videos for, Karaoke & Birthday Parties, Special Events, Home Office Presentations. Fun to use for all ages. Works with most cell phones.  

  • Phone Holder Stand with built in light and microphone
  • High quality microphone with 3.5mm jack cable
  • 30~18000Hz
  • Tripod 30cm height
  • Sensitivity -40dB
  • Output impedance 200ohm
  • N/S ratio 76dB
  • Max sound pressure 120dB
  • Powered by replaceable 3V CR2 battery
  • 800 hours battery life
  • Bright LED light with 36 individual lamps
  • 3 Different Brightness levels
  • 400 mAh rechargable battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • Fully certified